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Meeting in Stara Słupia,Poland

Meeting in Lavardac, France



The first meeting of Erasmus+ Learning Through Theater and Technology project took place from 8th to 11th of October 2017. The school coordinating all project activities and organizing the first partner meeting was the College of La Plane in Lavardac, France.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the project tasks, prepare the project website and present the partner schools from Portugal, Poland, Italy, Turkey and France. Each institution prepared a presentation or film about the school and region, discussed the educational system in the country and presented the values ​​and activities of its institutions. The headmasters had the opportunity to exchange experiences as well as learn about the management system of education in France. Teachers prepared the project schedule and the project website. There was also a short training session and an introduction to the Story Bird and Story Jumper programmes needed to implement the project tasks.

Visits in primary and secondary schools in Lavardac allowed us to get to know the schools and educational system in France. There was also a visit to the Town Hall with the Mayor of Lavardac.

After intensive work on planning activities in the project and school visits, there was also time for common conversations, feasting and exchange of experiences. The teachers were very hospitable, always accompanied us during lunches and dinners.

During our free time we had a chance to visit historic towns in Aquitaine and Gascony, town of Nérac - Gascony gate, Romanesque monastery, churches and castles. It was just a foretaste of what was waiting for us on the way.

Next meeting with students will take place in Poland 15-21 April 2018.

1st transnational meeting
of the project


15th to 21st of April 2018


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The event was focused mainly on introducing Story Bird, Story Jumper and Voice Thread Internet tools. Training sessions as well as writing stories workshops were planned for students and teachers participating at the meeting. Drama and film making with Movie Maker were organized for students and teachers. As it was the 1st meeting for students, integrated games and theatrical sessions were prepared to involve them in cooperation and participation in different tasks connected with the main objectives of the project. 

According to the schedule activities were planned from Monday to Friday. On Monday short presentations of the partner institutions and regions were prepared by students and teachers of each school and presented during the welcoming meeting. Authorities of Nowa Słupia Commune and Primary School in Stara Słupia as well as teachers and students were present at the meeting. 

The legend of Cracow Dragon- theatrical show prepared by students of PSP Stara Słupia-was staged during the meeting.

The first part of the workshop with Movie Maker took place after the welcoming meeting. While students were preparing short films of their region and school, teachers took part in evaluating the tasks and discussions on the activities carried out so far.

In the afternoon visit to the town of Nowa Słupia and Cultural Centre took place to familiarize the partner delegations with the history and traditions of the host region.

Presentation of short theatrical forms as well as integration games and activities with music at school took place in the afternoon.

The second part of the Movie Maker workshop took place on Tuesday morning. Students prepared the films of the activities carried out on Monday and samples of the movies were presented to the participants. While students were involved in movie making, teachers had a chance to work on planning the tasks and updating the project’s website.

Maths lesson with a competition for students was prepared to involve them in cooperation. English lesson connected with high technology was prepared for students and teachers. Interactive board as a teaching tool was used to engage the students in the learning process.

Some additional drama and cultural workshops were planned with Ross Mulkern. Unfortunately, he cancelled the meeting session due to health problems.

In the afternoon hours a visit to The Sanctuary of the Holy Cross Wood Relics took place. Students and teachers had an opportunity to learn about the legends of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and its origins.

On Wednesday visit to MICET INTERACTIVE MUSEUM / THEATRE EDUCATION CENTRE took place located in the legendary National Stary Theatre in Cracow the first museum of its kind in Europe. Combining traditional crafts, new technologies and modern art – MICET was the ideal place for the students to actively discover and create the art of theatre.
In the afternoon sightseeing tour in Cracow took place to familiarize the participants with the history and legends of the previous capital of Poland.
In the evening a visit to the Rynek Underground Museum - Following the traces of European identity of Kraków took place as we wanted our students to get familiar with the new form of museums in Poland which combine new technology as a form of presentation with real exhibits.

On Thursday a traditional soap making workshop for students and teachers was organized to involve them in cooperation and participation in achieving the common goal. Making a short film out of the preparation, working in Movie Maker took place. Science experiments for students were also held during the workshop as part of the Science lesson. Teachers took part in a short meeting connected with evaluating the activities.

As the students had a chance to carry out some scientific experiments at school we also organized for them a visit to Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci near Kielce. Students had a chance to perform in a different way, take part in activities connected with different aspects of human body. They were engaged in discovering the methods of effective learning and healthy living to avoid stress and illnesses.

As we wanted our students to do some activities outdoors we have organized the hiking trip to Chęciny Castle. At the top of the hill students learnt the history of the castle as well as stories and legends connected with the place.

On the way back home we visited Kielce the capital of our region to get familiar our guests with its unique values and stories.

On Friday an additional workshop for students was prepared by the students’ parents engaged in the activities of the Country Club in Stara Słupia. They prepared a short presentation of candle making and the methods of decorating the candle containers.

Story Bird and Story Jumper Internet tools were introduced to students who participated at the meeting. They created the accounts for the websites and started writing the stories in English. As it was the last day of the meeting, the students were given homework, to finish their stories in their schools and post the links of the stories on the project’s website.

In the afternoon our partner delegations were invited by the ROT-Regional Organisation of Turism to take part in AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE in Kielce which is a unique event that specializes in rural tourism and active leisure time promotion. Participants had a chance to watch presentations about tourist attractions in Poland as well as learn about the cultural heritage of our region.

In the evening the farewell meeting took place with watching the part of Musical Annie prepared by the theatrical group Feeria as well as dance performances connected with the legend of Świętokrzyskie witches were presented by the school in Stara Słupia.

Short summarizing of the meeting with farewell speeches took place as well as distributing certificates of attendance to participating teams.

2nd transnational meeting 
of the project


28 May – 1st June 2018

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The event was focused mainly on drama lessons for students and teachers participating at the meeting. Moreover, film making workshops with Videopad or Movie Maker were organized for students and teachers participating at the meeting.

All the activities were prepared to involve them in cooperation and participation in different tasks connected with the main objectives of the project.

According to the schedule activities were planned from Monday to Friday.

On Monday, after a short introduction, partners were invited to discover the photography exhibition “Raconte-moi ta ville” about cultural heritage prepared by students of 5è 3. Then, all the partners attend the choir of the school and could sing all together.

A part of “Sortiarius”, theatrical show prepared by students of 5è 2 was staged during the meeting.

Students and teachers attended a lesson of memorizing the shapes and graphics led by science teacher. The session was based on a digital quizz (made with Plickers): the results of each question was an opportunity to think about and share methodology of memorizing and improving concentration. The final objective was to reproduce 
a complex shape from memory.

A professional actor came for 2 hours workshop with participants, breathing and relaxation techniques, games and integration activities as well as dancing activities were organized.

To finish the 1st day activities, partners attended the rehearsal of “Frankenstein” played by students from theatre working class.

Authorities of Lavardac Commune, teachers, students and parents were present at the official diner. 

On Tuesday, half of partners took part in a drama lesson with French teacher and 
a professional actor – role playing in English. While acting out, students practised expressing their emotions, presenting the feelings of a played character, practiced pronunciation, voice, facial expressions and movement on the stage.

The other half attended the first workshop with Videopad or Movie Maker. Students were preparing short films about the first two days, coordinators evaluated the tasks and activates carried out for this 1st year cooperation. The groups changed after two hours work.

In the afternoon a visit with interactive tablets to the town of Nérac took place. 
The partner delegations learned more about the history and traditions of the Albret region. To finish the day, partners assisted the representation of the project “Theatre in your classroom”, cooperation work with Collège La Plaine and primary schools of the area.

Wednesday was dedicated to the visit of Bordeaux. Guided tour and boat trip.

On Thursday the second part of the Videopad/Movie Maker workshop took place in the morning. Students prepared films of the activities carried out from Sunday to Wednesday. At the same time, another group of students attended a new theatrical workshop, mainly focused on the interaction and helping participants discover the creativity that lies within them.

Then students had the opportunity to create materials with leaves during a session led by a teacher with special needs students.

In the afternoon, the group discovered Agen using the mobile App Terra Aventura. Thanks to new technologies, students are more interested in discovering the French heritage. They had the opportunity to visit Vianne with a guide in the evening hours.

On Friday a new theatrical workshop was carried out mainly based on body and expressions. Then the video prepared by Polish team about the 1st transnational meeting was presented. Short summarizing of the meeting with farewell speeches took place as well as distributing certificates of attendance to participating teams.

Next meeting is in Procida, Italy. Looking forward to see you again!

From September 30th another partnership meeting of Learning Through Theater and Technology project was carried out under the Erasmus + program. The school organizing the event was IISS F CARACCIOLO-G in Procida, Italy.

The students were accommodated in homes with Italian families, who turned out to be very hospitable, willingly arranged time for the students and provided them with additional leisure activities.

During our free time, we walked along the narrow streets of Procida, visiting the historic part of the island. Corriciella, the old fishing harbor, made the biggest impression on us. We took part in a workshop conducted by a former sailor and a fishing enthusiast who presented the secrets behind the creation of a fishing net. Colored boats, buildings in many-colored shades made the Colorful Island a fairy tale oasis of peace. While staying in the port, the students had the opportunity to make a stage design on a canvas for a theatrical performance that took place in a historic church on the Terra Murata hill. They made jewelry for the performance and developed the necessary attributes of the actors. Joint participation in the performance, integrated youth and encouraged to cooperate. The atmosphere of the historic Church of St. Michael made an extra impression on the participants. Music, decor and characterization of the actors was part of a wonderful theatrical event prepared by the students.

The last day of our stay in Italy was the return to Naples, wandering through the streets of the city and visiting the historic old town. Being in a bustling city full of tourists and residents, we missed the calm and fairytale landscape of the island.

Meeting in Rio Tinto, Portugal

From 10.02.2019 to 16.02.2019 another partner meeting was held as part of the Learning Through Theater and Technology project implemented under the Erasmus + program. 

The school organizing the event was Agrupamento de Escolas in RIO TINTO.

Each delegation from partner countries has prepared short theatrical scenes in English 

and native language as well as staging of poems. Polish team took first place in the competition for the most interesting performance and staging, receiving 

a diploma and an award funded by the host school.

The School Theater Club has prepared additional workshops for the participants of the meeting. The students had a great time during plays and theater games, playing roles assigned to them. The classes were conducted with charisma and drew great interest among participants from different countries. The next workshops with an acting instructor, including stage cooperation during the performance, concentration of actors, stage movement were also an interesting form of integration combined with elements of circus art, balancing and magic. Theater workshops were a form of learning and playing for students, but also 

a chance for integration and cooperation in a team.

The second competition prepared for students within the framework of the project was 

a comic book presenting a written story. The works were prepared by partner schools and evaluated at a school in Portugal. Primary School in Stara Słupia received the first place for 

an innovative development of the comic. In addition, students also participated in drawing workshops, illustrate the story, the comic book. The students created black and white and colorful art works and students were awarded for the illustrations.

Each day at school abounded in new experiences, but after intensive work on the implementation of activities in the project, there was also time for joint discussions, feasting and exchange of experiences. A common lunch at school with teachers, parents and students was an opportunity to get to know each other better, taste the regional cuisine and learn about the customs of the school. There were also plays with folk music with a local band 

of songs and dance.

During our free time, we hiked through the streets of Porto visiting the historic part of the city. The students kept a traveler's diary, took pictures, learned the history of the city using mini guides prepared by students of the host school. We also visited the Rivoli Theater in Porto, we had the opportunity to meet the theatre staff, who host theater groups from around the world, performances are also held here in English. We visited the theater, both the backstage, the auditorium and the stage itself. Porto offered us a lot of impressions, wandering on a two-leveled steel bridge named in honor of King Luis I, from where the panorama of the river and the city spread, was one of many attractions.

Meeting in Poland-summarizing and disseminating
the project outcomes

Official presentation of project outcomes in the school and discussions on its values as well as summarizing the project tasks took place during the working days of the meeting 03-05.06.2019 in Primary School in Stara Słupia in Poland.

The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the implemented activities and discuss the work carried out so far. Teachers worked intensively in groups to prepare materials for the final report, shared the results developed by each partner institution and evaluated them.

The movie was created promoting activities carried out in partner schools and was presented during the meeting summarizing the visit. The results were posted on the Twin Space and the project website. The singing of the anthem of the European Union and each of the partner countries was an extremely moving and sublime element.
The students presented the Świętokrzyskie region during a short presentation in conjunction with the staging of the legend of Emeryk.

The parents of the students prepared sweet traditional snacks for the guests. Our partners also had the opportunity to integrate with students of the school and celebrate Children's Day.

It was a short visit, however, intensive work on discussing activities in the project until late afternoon hours, allowed for free time, in which teachers learned about the Świętokrzyskie region: visited Święty Krzyż and Sandomierz.

The assumptions of the meeting were achieved and the activities accepted by each partner delegation in accordance with the project guidelines.

The event was also focused on discussing the final report of our LTTT project.

All together we wrote the report, compared and draw conclusions :

“Our project fulfilled the expected objectives. Students became more interested in writing, acting, drawing and using ITC tools. Besides all these objectives the best result had been their emotional involvement. They became more aware of cultural differences, their shared personal feelings and emotions through new pedagogical practices, knowing the "other" in a more confident way.

Collaboration among students and teachers was one of the key points of our project which became our strength. Through some collaborative activities, such as the writing of the chain story, students all worked on sharing their personal point of view in a wider vision connecting and sharing ideas with the other participants.

Communication was another key point of the project. Dealing with different countries languages and habits allowed our students to communicate in a simple way. They were sharing their common interests through music, dance and sport. All these artistic forms allowed them to communicate also in a non verbal way. Focusing mainly on the different body gestures and facial expression.”